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Hi, I'm Trista,

Growing up, I never felt that I truly belonged or fit in. There always seemed to be something different inside of me that no one fully understood, that I didn't understand.


It was not until I began to embrace these differences and appreciated the essence of how unique I truly am, that I found what I had actually been searching for all along: self-acceptance.


My passion for photography comes from my desire to show my clients that the very thing that sets them apart in this world is what makes them breathtakingly beautiful. I want to capture this essence so that my clients can see the true beauty that shines from within.


My goal is to celebrate children at every age, to unveil their authentic selves in my images and to help families decorate their worlds with highly personal artwork. Artwork that matters.


Families may come in all shapes, sizes and colors, but the common denominator is love and I am truly honored to capture my clients’ unique brand of this love.


One last thing...

We are blasted with advertisements our entire lives about how we are “supposed” to look. Whether it be ad campaigns, cover pages, tv shows, commercials, or movies.

What often gets lost in the chaos is the fact that the beauty and diet industries are $256 BILLION and $33 BILLION dollar a year industries, respectively.

So these companies profit as long as we think we are unattractive or flawed in some way. Hating our bodies and faces and believing every ad campaign that says that we should look a certain way results in us lining the pockets of the people telling us that we aren’t good enough.

Remember that the photos featured on magazines, advertisements, Instagram, etc. are NOT realistic. They have been edited to a point where some models don't even feel recognizable anymore.

STOP. THE. CYCLE. I won't Photoshop you into someone you don't recognize. My job is to show you how absolutely stunning you are, just the way you are. I LOVE your freckles, laugh lines, sun spots, and stretch marks. You have pores and they're beautiful! While I do apply airbrushing, blemish removal, and small Photoshop fixes to many photos, the right posing and lighting will do wonders to show your natural beauty. I will always make it my number one mission to showcase your true authenticity.

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