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You’re investing in your history when you capture your memories through film. Moments themselves can fade, but custom artwork featuring you and your loved ones will keep those precious memories alive and magical for years to come.

The art that we create together is truly unique and cannot be replicated. Unlike shoot and burn photography, each image is edited by hand. I don't use presets (filters) because I believe that each image has something unique to offer. With the utmost attention to detail, I consider every leaf, every hand and every smile to ensure the light is highlighted, the shadows are beautiful, and the colours are vibrant. As an artist, I play with lighting to lead the viewer’s eye towards the beauty that is your family. This takes time and patience to ensure that I get it just right!

The experience I offer is so much more than a photoshoot, it is my undivided time, my professionalism, my experience, and my desire to show you and your family how truly wonderful you are.

Below you will notice the type of photography I offer. Each session includes a creation fee of $180.00 and the product you choose will determine the final cost. I would be happy to discuss any questions you may have. 

Authentic Living Photography (16).jpg


Maternity | Birth | Children


Your family portraits should authentically represent how you are as a family unit and individually. From your clothing to your location choice.


Bring your personality and let your kids be kids; who they are today, right now, so that you can remember this time in their lives for years to come!


Families may come in all shapes, sizes and colors, but the common denominator is love...and I would be honored to capture your family's unique brand of love.

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Engagement | Anniversary |

Love Of All Forms


Do you have a professional portrait of you and the one you love? One that you are proud to have displayed in your home to re-live everyday or to have passed down for future generations?


Celebrate your anniversary with a piece of art work or lets plan a special engagement proposal together where I will capture your entire proposal through my lens.


Life should not only be lived, but celebrated, so why not celebrate your love with a beautiful portrait you can cherish for a lifetime.

Authentic Living Photography (10).jpg


Just For You


In todays world, we don't often take the time to revel in our own bodies, enjoy or acknowledge our strengths and beauty or the freedom of indulgence, yet each of us deserves those special moments of feeling free and bold enough to be the person we are inside.


Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have a day all about you! Live in the moment and remember how beautiful and amazing you are! Whether it is a gift for your partner or a gift for yourself, this day will be custom designed for YOU

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