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The Experience

Core Values 

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Personalized Experience

From the first phone call, to the moment we meet during our consultation, I offer personalized care, curated communication, and attention to detail. I get to know you, your family, your interests, and what you are seeking in a portrait experience.


Next, I offer a truly unique session, meant to capture you and your loved ones with care and passion. We will laugh, play, and have a wonderful time together. I will seek out amazing locations and hone my craft so that you can enjoy incredible art featuring your family for years to come.

A few weeks after your session, during the ordering appointment, I will present a slideshow of the very best images, retouched in my signature editing style.  We will review these images together and design beautiful heirloom quality artwork that you will treasure for a lifetime. 

I maintain a very limited schedule to ensure that you are given the personal attention and thought you deserve. I won't rush you through our session, nor will I rush through your edits. You and your art work will have my undivided attention.

Core Values 

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Customized Product

Together we will decide on a location to place your artwork, we will coordinate your outfit and location for your session. Then we will tie it all together with an exceptional wall display. We offer the most remarkable gallery wrapped canvas, luxurious framed art pieces, or custom designed albums.


The products we offer are truly the best available on the market. Not only are my prints mounted, archival (museum) grade, but the craftsmanship of our products are flawless and guaranteed.​

Implementing sustainability into my business and the product selection offered has been incredibly important. It's how I live my life and would expect nothing less for my clients. 


Each truly unique art piece is always inspired by the earth. It is essential that our print lab follows strict environmental standards, without compromising on quality. 

Core Values 

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Comfortable Atmosphere

There are times when I meet a new client and I can sense their apprehension. It is nerve-racking to even think about being vulnerable in front of a lens, and it is a true act of courage for some people. I admire that. I wish I could make everyone instantly comfortable in front of the camera, but it takes time and trust.

With that being said, I am committed to putting you at ease and will fully respect the time you need to feel comfortable. I have many tactics that can help, such as shooting from a far distance or focusing on your children at the start of our session. Eventually, you will forget that I am even there and you will play, snuggle, hug and kiss your loved ones as you always do. I am confident you will feel comfortable to be exactly who you are - your true authentic self.


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